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An Illustrated Ebook That Teaches You How To Start Your Own Import & Export Business, From A To Z!

International Trade Made Easy

The Complete Ebook - Import Export
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As a founder, you are the key decision maker in the company. All decisions ultimately impact success.

Import Export Business Flow

Navigating the Import-Export Journey from Inception to Success

Product Selection, Market Selection, budgeting, expansion plans - a founder needs to stay on top of it all.

Import Export Business

Introducing The Complete Guide To Import Export

The Complete Ebook - Import Export

Starting an Export-
Import Firm

Buyer identification

Product selection

Potential Buyer List

Market Selection

International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)

Free Buyer Data :  Your Export Advantage

 Skip the search and connect directly with potential customers looking for your products

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Limited Time Offer: Get Free Overseas Buyer Data Now and Launch Your Export Journey Today

Find out what’s inside the book!

Here's the curriculum!

  • Introduction
    Introduction to the Import export Business
  • Starting an Export-Import Firm
    Procedure to start an import export firm.
  • Product Selection, Market selection, and Buyer Identification.
    Process of selecting Product for export, selecting Market and identifying buyer.
  • Export Pricing and Costing
    Factors to determine the export pricing
    International Commercial Terms
  • Payment Methods
    Import and Export Payment Methods
  • Letter of Credit
    Definition and types of Letter of credit.
  • Processing an Export Order
    Process of competing order
  • Documentation
    Export Documentation
  • Export Promotion Schemes
    Promotional Councils for export

There are hundreds of questions come to founder’s mind when it comes to import & export.

How to Start an Export-Import Firm?

How to do Buyer identification?

How to do Product selection and Market selection?

Export Pricing and Costing, And International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)

Get all Answers with this ebook. 

Get the Import Export Process decoded so you can make
decision confidently. 

Letter Of Credit

LC Format


Calculation Sheet (Costing Sheet)

Performa Invoice Icon

Proforma Invoice copy

Invoice Icon

Commercial Invoice Copy

Product & Market is a big stepping stone.
Know all of the nuances behind Product & Market selection for your startup with this ebook

"This ebook cut through the jargon and delivered exactly what I needed – a clear, step-by-step approach to the import/export world. I'm not an expert, and I appreciated the focus on action, not just theory."

- Rajat

"I've been thinking about starting an import/export business but was intimidated by the regulations and paperwork. This ebook helped ease my concerns. It's realistic, also makes building a business seem achievable."

- Priya




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The Complete Guide to Import Export - Startup

Bonus : Potential Buyers Data

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Import Export Course
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